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adidas Originals Skateboarding | Namibia 2015

August 6, 2015 / 0 Comments

The adidas skate team is at it again, exploring unknown territories and embracing the one thing skaters cannot life without, skate trips. This time round they headed for Namibia. To get the go ahead for a Namibia skate itinerary is not necessarily the easiest things to do. An internet image search on Namibia will reveal a mix between the Namib Desert, Khoisan tribes and wildlife animals. Urban architecture will not be seen and you’ll definitely not get hyped on a perfect set of stairs or rail seen in Google street views. Well, that’s the thing about exploring and also doing a bit of research; the gems are there you must simply look further than what the eye can see.

The adidas skate team consists of:

Yann Horowitz 

Pieter Retief  

Khulu Dlamini

Allan Adams

Dlamini Dlamini

Adidas in Namibia_2014_DSCF0200_Photo Sam Clark Adidas in Namibia_2014_DSCF0236_Photo Sam ClarkAdidas in Namibia_2014_IMG_7338 (1)_Photo Sam ClarkAdidas in Namibia_2014_IMG_7209 (1)_Photo Sam ClarkAdidas in Namibia_2014_DSCF0285 (1)_Photo Sam Clark

Photographs by Sam Clark

Filmed by:
Adriaan Louw & Leon Bester

Edited by:
Adriaan Louw & Pieter Retief

Music by:

Vox Portent – Hold You

Bilderberg Motel – Set and Setting

Vox Portent – That Feeling
Oceans and Cities – Dirty Ground