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adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | Nizole Mbaleki

adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | Nizole Mbaleki

August 10, 2017 / 0 Comments

Editorial by Nizole Mbaleki produced in AREA3 CPT’17

Creative direction: Nizole Mbaleki

Styling: Nizole Mbaleki

Model: Luna Sowata

Makeup Artist: Luna Sowata

Photographer: Ramaanda Mutshekwa

My name is Nizole Mbaleki, I’m a second-year student at Vega School of Brand Leadership, studying

towards obtaining a degree in Strategic Brand Communication. I have a great interest in South

African Urban culture and I feel more now than ever we as the youth are beginning to create and

narrate our own stories, Adidas area 3 gave us the platform to do that.

I drew my inspiration for the shoot from a poem titled “Woman who lives under the lake”

The poem explores how as a woman’s cloak falls and suddenly golden light falls everywhere, this

unfolds how women have magic in their bones, we are pure gold and often it takes time for us to

fully grow into understanding that.

Gold was the main colour component of the shoot, it represents strength, quality, confidence and

prosperity. The colour is linked to feminine energy and the power of the sun.

Woman who lives under the lake

…one night

There’s a heartbeat at the door.

Outside, a woman in the fog,

With hair of twigs and dress of weed,

Dripping green lake water.

She says “I am you,

And I have travelled a long distance.

Come with me, there is something I must show you.”

She turns to go, her cloak falls open,

Suddenly, golden light …everywhere, golden light”

My beautiful dark skin lady, how are you living in your light? when you are under scrutiny by

society’s doings making you think that dark can never define beauty?

My beautiful dark skin lady, how are you living in your light? when you slip through the fingers of the

people who were supposed to preserve you like oil, black oil, black gold.

My beautiful dark skin lady, you are far more beautiful than what you imagine yourself to be, how

far more beautiful are the stars in the dark? How else can we see the moon?

Your skin reflects the night which deciphers why whenever we look into your eyes we see the stars.

You are solid gold.

My beautiful dark skin lady, take a walk in my adidas.

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