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adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | IDIDUS

adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | IDIDUS

July 12, 2017 / 0 Comments

Editorial by IDIDUS produced in AREA3 CPT’17

“To you the pioneers of the three stripe culture. I did us. The 1st time i wore Adidas i did us. Even though we are being digital with the era,got blinded by the flashy lies on the screen, i never forgot my culture. We are contemporary,but your culture is perpetual! I will forever step in the footsteps of three stripe shoe footprints. Even though we are hypebeasts these days and we live by the brand and trend; your three stripes mark will forever scar me. We will forever remain original. I did us so that adidas never gets finished. adidas is original.”- Tiisetso Moreki

Creative director: Pabalelo Clayton Moreti & Tiisetso Khaudi Moreki
Photographer: Rendani Nemakonde
Lighting: John Alex Second
Stylist: Tiisetso Khaudi Moreki
Assistant stylist: Kamva Ntapu
Models: Pabalelo Clayton Moreti, Tiisetso Khaudi Moreki, Nkosinathi Gwarubana

untitled shoot-193 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-201 untitled shoot-156 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-185 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-140 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-160 untitled shoot-175 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-155 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-176 untitled shoot-168 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-135 untitled shoot-162 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-076 untitled shoot-133 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-080 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-083 untitled shoot-142 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-093 untitled shoot-152 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-104 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-026 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-032 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-041 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-053 AREA3_CPT_TK_MOREKI_20170709-068

To use the space to bring your ideas to life all you need to do is:

 Email to book your slot & he will get in touch to confirm a date & time as soon as possible.

Once you are checked in our Creative Directors, stylist Gabrielle Kannemeyer and photographer Imraan Christian will assist you with the conceptualisation of your content ideas & styling.

John Second will assist with your shoot production, lighting and editing

Campus dropped on the 15th June

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