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adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | Damola Akintunde

adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | Damola Akintunde

August 10, 2017 / 0 Comments

Editorial by Damola Akintunde produced in AREA3 CPT’17

The concept connects to skin and identity. Being of a darker skin complexion, it was hard for me

to see the beauty of it until I personally saw it in nature. I was able to see the earth tones of the

ground I walked on and saw how it nurtured the beautiful flora sprouting deep green leaves.

Once I was able to essentially put myself in the world around me, I was then able to connect

more to my skin. While bringing this concept alive, I sought out individuals who have some sort of personal journey with their skin to be involved.

The journey of creating these pieces allowed for the opportunity to dig deeper into the self,

encouraging me to find the words to express a concept that only lived inside my mind for so

long. I know I will be able to take this incredible experience with me as I continue to grow as a

photographer. Special thanks to all the individuals who worked hard to make these images come

alive and for the support of Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Imraan Christian, and John Alex Second.

Photographer: Damola Akintunde

Lighting: John Alex Second

Set Design: John Alex Second and Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Styling: Yonela Makoba and Sihle Sogaula

MUA: Ella Ewele

Casting: Thandi Gula-Ndebele

Models: Tatenda WekwaTenzi and Robin Van Breda


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