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The Creator Series | Niquita Bento – Behind her Style

The Creator Series | Niquita Bento – Behind her Style

November 29, 2016 / 0 Comments

Here at adidas we’re all about celebrating true creative talent. That’s why we wanted to get to know South Africa’s fashion photography golden girl, Niquita Bento, a little better. Not only did we team up with her to get her perspective on the newly released adidas Originals Tubular range (shop here) but but we also wanted to find out more about what make’s the #InstagramGoals girl tick.


Niquita’s doing some awesome work in the fashion photography space. We asked her to talk us through that journey. “I feel like I’m still very much at the beginning of my journey and that’s really so exciting. It took me a really long while to get the confidence to shoot fashion professionally, and I still get so nervous before a big shoot, but its beyond exhilarating.” She explains.

We wanted to know that if there were on Photographer in the world she’d like to work with, who would it be?  Niquita answers this one quickly, “Scandinavian Photographer Boe Marion. He has such a raw approach to shooting and his understanding of light is incredible.”


Every Photographer has a bucket list, we asked Niquita to shoot through hers. “A major cliche, but I’ve always wanted to shoot the city of New York! I love documenting places and people, and that’s one city I’ve always been so curious about.” She says.

The face of adidas Originals is changing but heritage is still very much the core of the brand. We want to know how Niquita’s past inspires her future. “Your past plays a defining role in who you are and what you can become. My past has given me a different outlook on everything I do. It’s made me tougher and more appreciative and I strongly believe that your past is only there to make you better.” Niquita replies.


And when it comes to adidas Originals, Niquita knows what it means  to her. “adidas Originals is about embracing individualism.” She says confidently.

The beautiful  Tubular Street Lookbook featured here was conceptualized and shot by Niquita. We wanted to know inspired the creative? “The Tubular range was inspired by the original home of high fashion and taking it back to the streets, so I wanted to convey that message and use our neighborhood as the catwalk.” Niquita explains.


Niquita has a such an amazing personal style, it’s hard not to be curious about it. We asked her what would she would say is the defining aesthetic of her personal style, to which she replied, “Minimal – I’ve always loved the effortlessness of simplicity whether it be in my style or creative aesthetic.”

Instagram plays such a huge role in peoples lives these days, even inspiring some careers! We ask her is she has any advice for budding Instagram cool kids. “Don’t be afraid to believe in your own point of view! The same imagery is being regurgitated over and over again and its time to share individuality and be proud of it.” Niquita says wisely.


We know she has some amazing upcoming travel plans, we asked her where she’s headed. “I’m heading to the US early next year for a couple of months to tick off that photography bucket list! My plan is to use the time to get crazy inspired and fall in love with my passion all over again.” She replied.

And lastly, there’s something big that everyone should know about Niquita…. She’s easily bribed with churros & Taco’s. Which is always good to know!


Keep up with Niquita and her photography adventures on her social channels below, you know we will be!